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For the past thirteen years Cameron has worked in the dental industry. Read in his own words his professional experience and his drive for exceptional service. "It was my privilege to work for a global dental implant company. My position allowed me to thoroughly understand the needs, and the pressure dentists practice under. I gained an invaluable perspective of the dynamic/fluid relationship needed between lab technicians, dentists and their staff. I am at Unique to ensure you are provided exceptional laboratory care. The team at Unique Dental Group has the talent, passion and deep commitment to exceed your expectations for quality dental products and outstanding service. Our goal is to help you achieve the success you desire within your own dental practice, and to be sure the experience you have at Unique, truly is unique. In the near future, we will be furthering our in-house capabilities, so you may be assured your needs stay in our capable hands. In my spare time, as a husband and father, I enjoy the outdoors, golfing, fishing and spending time with my family. I look forward to building lasting relationships with our dentists and employees. Just one other thought, Unique didn't just select me as their CEO, I also selected them because of their dedication to the industry, and their vision for the future of dental laboratories."
Cameron Smith, CEO

J'Neil Oxley, CDT
Founding Owner of Unique Dental Group

My role at Unique is to ensure that every product we offer is the highest quality in the dental industry. As the founding owner of Unique, my signature of approval is on every case that arrives at your office. I have over 22 years experience in the dental field, and I am a certified dental technician with a specialty in ceramics. Unique has grown into an incredible company in five years, and that is due to the excellent people we have on our team. The environment I have encouraged for my organization is one of teaming, talent, and hard work. I introduced the four-day work week in 2008, and positive attitudes skyrocketed. Quality improved with the work week change, and efficiency with individual time management increased. Our designers are some of the most talented technicians in the industry, and we all enjoy working together to provide the best products for the world. When I am not at Unique I enjoy music, drawing, and spending time with my family and new grandson. We are your people behind the smile.
My education and experience is very different from the other leaders at Unique. I am a psychotherapist, and had a private practice in Sugar House before I joined the team at Unique. I spent the last five years learning the dental industry, and my "outside" opinions and insights have given Unique a different perspective to add to the multi-talented people here that are masters at what they do. I have over fifteen years experience consulting with leaders in the medical field, and have presented at numerous conferences in Salt Lake City on leadership, teaming, and professional development. I was also an adjunct instructor at the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work. My research study at a non-profit organization on "Autistic Adults and Animal Connections" was featured on CNN's Science and Technology channel in 1997. I received the Iva Goody award in 2003 from the State of Utah for support and services provided to the community by a social sector organization. Before coming to Unique, my team developed a guide for peak behavior for personal performance 2006. As the Vice President of Unique, I am in charge of developing our Leadership Institute, and overseeing the operations of the company. I enjoy golfing, reading, gardening, playing Mario Kart, and spending time with my wonderful family.
Patricia Godwin, V.P., Education Leader, Owner

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